Day 1 : Start       Day 2 : Visit of Brighton           Day 3 :   Portsmouth     Day 4 : The making of Harry Potter         Day 5 :  London My host family                                                                                                                        My teachers                                                                                                                                                               The pictures of the groups  

the pictures of the groups

In front of a fountain In front of the making of Harry Potter     Next to Buckingam Palace

My host family

  Alban, Gregoire and I were in the Jee’s family.:) It was a good family but in the first sandwiches there was a piece of salads thats all. Next i left that my family was vegetarians but the dinner was delicious.

My teachers

Daniel,Mrs Monroe, Mrs Daudin,Mrs Richard went with us during this travel .

Day 5 :Travel to England

  on the fifth day,  we visited  the historic castle  call the Tower of London. there was many armors.the armor of Henry Stuart was very beautiful.   I love the room of torture. We ate lunch in front of the guards.but we were not arrested! During the afternoon,we walked 13km and saw magnificient monuments and […]

Day 4 :Travel to England

At 9:20 we arrived in front of the Warner Bros Studio Tour to see the making of Harry Potter.                                            We started by visiting the Great Hall where were displayed the costumes of students,the teachers’table and the tables where the students had dinner                        […]

Day 3 :Travel to England

In the morning we left Southwick to go to Portsmouth. On the road we saw the castle of Harendel. At 10:00 we arrived in Portsmouth. I immediatly saw a very high building. We started by visiting the boat of Nelson the « HMS Victory », till lunch time.         After the lunch, we went […]

Day 2 :Travel to England

In the morning, we visited the city center of  Brighton where we did a rallye. We had to answer questions about the city. After we went in a mall and we had lunch. Lunch finished, we visited the Royal Pavillon. It was really beautiful.   Gregoire,Arthur,Apolline,JUles,Edouard,Souheil,Yael and I had a drink in a Starbuck coffee. […]

Day 1: Travel to England

At 9:45 I sat down in the bus, I was next to Solenn and Alban.Just before 10 o’clock we left Vertou to go to Dieppe.     At 12:30 we stopped on the highway to have lunch.:) We arrived in Dieppe harbour at 4:30 PM. We discovered a large ferry attached to the quay. After […]

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